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Thank you for writing to Publisher-Support. We are unable to accept your query.Please check out these great support resources:

WE ARE THE OTHER RESOURCES please get in touch via email info@adopsguys.com

Google Support is not helping you, get in touch with us ! 

Usually Google is only repsonsible for DFP Google Ad Manager and not your website but the ad operations is a combination of two. We are a company that looks both on your Google Ad Manager Account and your website tagging etc.  


Google Support is here, we are paid but trust me if you wait for Google it may cost you more than getting us resolve your issue.

Yes we are better than Google Support, you most probably have been waiting for Google Spport to come back to you with an answer, we are working on it. Or Everything is set up properly at Google's end. 


Google Support vs Ad Ops Guys. 

Of course Google is much bigger than us but imagine this, you go to a local VIP Hotel with 4 rooms only and the owner himself checks your well being and a 5 star hotel where you do not even know who the owner is and if you have a problem then you may not even know who to apprach to instead directly talking to people whi are responsible directly for everything. 


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