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What our CLIENTS are saying - TESTIMONIALS

Marc Carter  Consumer Track 

The Ad Ops Guys were a life saver. We were understaffed and needed help with trafficking new campaigns and the Ad Ops Guys we’re a great asset. Every project was completed on time and without any errors. We’d even give them projects late on a Friday afternoon and the team would still complete them by the end of the day. I’d recommend them for any of your Ad Operations needs as they are reliable, have great attention to detail and are very easy to work with.


Marc Carter

Email: mcarter@consumertrack.com
Cell:  310-990-6165The 


David Webb CEO Timera Media

The Adops guys do what they say.  In a nutshell, they doubled my company's revenue in 2 months.  They helped onboard us with the major ad networks, and handled all the issues to get the result we needed.  Their knowledge of the advertising eco system means they continue to squeeze out additional revenue for us every week.  I would recommend them to anyone looking to get additional advertising revenue from their readership.


David Webb

CEO Timera Media




Alan Walker CEO Multiplication.com

I would like to drop you a note and let your future clients know how pleased I have been with your services.  I spent months trying to configure DFP before I came to my senses and hired your guys to do it for me.  Not only did you set it up and get it working smoothly, you spent the time helping me understand it.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! 




Alan Walker




Erin, COO of SPN Inc.

“David and team have been great. Easy to work with over email, very responsive and helpful with any issues that arise. They helped us set up our ad network and have been super flexible as our business has pivoted over the last few months. Great people to have on your team!”


Erin, COO of SPN Inc.



Mike Theodore Math-Aids.Com – Founder



I worked with the Ad Ops Guys to stream line my inventory and DFP order set up.

They introduced new ideas and suggestions that improved my inventory management and order structure.

If you need help setting up your DFP ad inventory structure, David and his team can save you a lot of time and headaches.




Mike Theodore

Math-Aids.Com – Founder

Dynamically Created Math Worksheets for Education



ProProfs Sameer Bhatia CEO



David and his team works diligently to ensure we maximize the value of our inventory as a publisher. They have deep knowledgeable of the space and do a fabulous job of managing ad operations. 



Sameer Bhatia

Founder & CEO

ProProfs.com | Build & Test Knowledge

w: ProProfs.com/sameer

email: sameer@proprofs.com


Guitar Center Ross Guthrie

Guitar Center 


I worked with Ad Ops Guys for two days directly and several weeks after their visit to our offices.  They helped frame the role of ad publishing applications and focused our energy in a way the helped structure everything logically.  Their Consultants took a large project and made it much more manageable by guiding our approach and educating us thoroughly...I would recommend Ad Ops Guys services to any company looking to establish an organized and logical site monetization program.



Ross Guthrie

eCommerce Platforms Ops


818-735-8800 x.2357


Release Week Daniel Clark President

David worked with me for about 3 years.  David helped me with DFP and setting up / monetizing ad networks from my many sites.  Actual revenue growth numbers are confidential, but I own about 50 sites which as an aggregate reach about 5 million monthly uniques and about 30 million page views. David is a strategic guy, looks ahead for opportunities to increase margins and typically brought those ideas to me.  He has a solid technology and system in place that kept my ad network profits maxed pretty much overnight.  As a baseline, prior to working with David, we had only four networks daisy-chained together. 


He’s a very patient business partner/vendor – by that I mean, me being a publisher I freak out on occasion if a site or ad went down and would put that urgency on him to fix.  Which he typically did quickly and efficiently and with a calm, solution focused attitude.  He always made himself available: early morning, late night and weekends, which I only reached out if it were a perceived emergency.  I recommend David and his services because of his results, he understands the day to day stresses of being a publisher and has an excellent attitude towards business and life.


Daniel Clark

Release Week




Phone  310.867.5188





Cardomain Networks M-L Aaltonen

Ad Ops Guys has helped Cardomain Networks with DFP and Ad Networks and Ad Exchanges and monetization amazingly over the past 2 years.


Ad Networks and Ad Exchange set up in DFP was a great challenge for us but David Telian was able to properly set up our DFP account and manage relationships with our partners in a way that really improved our earnings drastically. 


I would highly recommend their services to any company in need of DFP training or website monetization.



M-L Aaltonen

Cardomain Networks

Ad Ops Director


(408) 462.2474

StreamTrack Media Jessica Sweeley

I have been working with David for about a year now and have been very pleased with his work. When I first started working with him, I had no clue how to traffic our display ads and inventory and had a mess of networks filling at the bottom of the barrel CPMs. Because our end was such a mess, it took about a month to get everything back on track. David helped weed out the networks that were not necessary, and gave suggestions and introductions on networks who could bring our revenue up. We went from an eCPM in the US of $0.10 up to $0.75-$1.00 and up. He was able to bring in quality networks who  could compete against each other and increase the CPMs. In addition to increasing our revenue, he was very hands on with helping me to learn how to properly traffic all campaigns, and how to weed through the networks. Our display network went from needing daily maintenance and a headache, to a stable revenue generating entity for our company.


I would highly recommend David, he is available, attentive and knowledgeable about what he does. Aside from all that, he is also a joy to work with, and genuinely cares about helping you to grow your company. 



Jessica Sweeley
Director of Ad Operations, StreamTrack Media
D: 805.308.9183  |  M: 805.729.0244  |  S: J.Sweeley


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