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DFP Consulting
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Outsourced Ad Ops

Do you want to learn DFP/Ad Manager?


Let me guess - you have learned about online advertising and you are keen on knowing how people make money here, huh? Do you want to be part of the team? 


Or maybe you work for a store as a cashier or a sales manager, or in a car dealership but to be honest you do not like your job and you think you'd rather be sitting at your desk and doing something on your computer, be independent and make around $5000 a month.


No, nooooo this is not the same as "Single Mom makes $3000 a month, learn how click here ! ". This is not about it or anything like that... at aaaaaaaallllllllllllll.


When you complete our training program you will be able to work with DFP ad management system, which is required for positions called "ad trafficker", " campaign manager", "ad operations manager".


Google Ad Manager Training


Now you think what the heck an "ad trafficker" is and what is his/her job. Have you seen the ad banners on almost every website? yes? huh? well someone is placing them there, right? then calculates how many people saw it and how many of them clicked on them etc. That someone is the ad trafficker or the campaign manager.


So after learning Google Ad Manager you would be able to apply for jobs and start working for website publishers. For example, some of our students work in companies like New York Times and Fox News. Yes, that is true...


If you are willing to change your life, pick up the phone and call +1 323 786 08 08 and then you will find yourself in a different world in 6 months.


Feel more comfortable sending an email describing your situation; please feel free to do so send us your information on info@adopsguys.com.


For those who already work in a company and feel like you need more training, you may get in touch as well and make your life easier in your office.


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