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Ad Serving: The Development of DFP; DFP Set Up

We live in an era where the technology innovations are growing at an unimaginably fast pace and every day we hear about something new, some new kind of device, new options and opportunities for the various spheres of the digital area or other technological achievements that experts in that sphere have created in order to make the life better, easier and more comfortable.

It is far no news that many things that in the past we would have to carry with us, such as books, newspapers, journals and so on, which we bought having to go out of the house, nowadays can be carried in a small tablet, laptop or much better and lighter, in smartphones – this is how the digital era has changed our lives. The digital “epidemic” has been spread to all areas of our life: social, physical (now you can even charge your phone from the energy of your body attaching to your leg a special device while running), business, advertising, etc.

Advertising is generally what the subject of our website i.e. the concept of DFP-DoubleClick for Publishers is based on. Of course, we are talking about digital or online advertising. It has long won its way over print advertising. If you want to promote your business and make it so to say as popular as possible, then you can’t do without digital advertising.

There are a number of types of online advertising, such as Google Search Ads, AdWords Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads and so on. However, it is sometimes very difficult for online marketers not to become confused among all these types when having to choose which will best fit the subject of their advertising and meet the needs and demands of the targeted consumers. Here is when the digital innovation of Google, DFPan Ad Server comes to the fore to help you get decided not only about the type of online advertising, but also takes the responsibility of your ad management assuring you quality assistance. The above mentioned digital innovation offered by Google is what we will discuss and focus on in this and the following articles.

As it was noted before, DoubleClick for Publishers or DFP is an Ad Server. First of all, in order to get a full understanding of what DFP is, let’s discuss what an Ad Server is. The focus of an ad serving platform is displaying advertisements on websites. The aim of ad serving companies is to provide technology and software to websites and advertisers in order to serve ads, count them, choose those ads that meet the demands of the publisher and the targeted audience bringing more profits and revenue to your business.

Factually, there are two types of ad serving platforms:

publisher ad servers 

advertiser or third party ad servers.

So, what is eventually an Ad Server? An Ad Server is a web server that collects certain advertising content used in digital advertising handing it over to a variety of online platforms which include websites, social media outlets or mobile apps. Having discussed the concept of an Ad Server, let’s now pass on to our main subject which is DFP. At this point, we would like to mention that there are several ad servers, and though the aim of those ad servers is to provide the same service, there are still certain differences among them, such as a difference in accessibility of data so as to optimize the tracking and convenience.

Here is a short definition for DoubleClick for Publishers: DFP is an ad serving platform that organizes the management of your ads, considering your demands, i.e. where you deliver ads: to websites, mobile webpages, mobile apps, games or a combination of them.










Set up AdSense in DFP Small Busines: A Step-by-step Guide



There are a great number of ads, according to the latest calculations, more than billions of ads are being reeled all over the internet nowadays and there also exist no fewer advertising systems that are responsible for the organization of these ads. Ad management is a really complicated process and publishers surely need a specialist in that sphere in order to organize quality advertising.


..Without an Ad Sense account you won’t be allowed to sign up to DFP...


One of the most important things to remember when trying to sign up for DFP is that you should have an Ad Sense account by all means. Without an Ad Sense account you won’t be allowed to sign up to DFPDon’t worry much about this obligatory condition getting an Ad Sense access is not much of a trouble. You will understand all the functions and ways for the subscription easily by just following the instructions when signing up.

Ad Sense registration requires a few steps:

  • First you need to do the submitting of your application: If you are a publisher with a website that has an interesting content and attracts a relatively large number of visitors, then it’s high time to subscribe for Ad Sense so as to go for the services of DFP. Don’t forget to pay attention to certain details that might seem of minute importance but only at first sight. These include:

o   A valid e-mail address

o   Total ownership of the website i.e. you must be able to have access to change the HTML of your website

o   Check the list of the languages which are available for having an Ad Sense account

  • Secondly, you should display ads on your site which implies an ad unit creation and the received code placement on your website’s URL
  • Next comes the time for the review of your account. On this stage you will know if your account is compatible for approval or not
  • The last step is already your account approval. It’s ready for further use and access to DFP.
  • In case your account is not approved, follow the instructions and terms of use in order to understand which of the rules you have violated

After having created an Ad Sense account, you now can freely pass on to the next step of your “DFP acquirement journey” which is the actual subscription for DFP. Signing up for DFP is actually not a really painstaking or complicated task.  



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