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DFP Consulting
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Outsourced Ad Ops

...We offer services in all areas of Ad Operations to companies of all sizes in a wide variety of industries. Some of our important areas of practice are listed below....

Ad Ops Consulting Ad Server Set Up

Ad Server Set up - DFP, OpenX 



Common Reasons for implementing a setup:


If you are running websites through Joomla, Drupal, Blogger or created by programmer in PHP, NET, etc and you run Ad Networks without any knowledge of how many impressions they deliver.


If there are any discrepancies with real numbers and the number of impressions these website platforms are showing you in their reporting.


You want to manage your inventory and allocate the number of impressions the way you want. 


Whether your company requires short-term or long-term measures, our expert advice will help you navigate safely into your corporate future.


Ad Set up Services IAB Standards

Ad Trafficking


We can handle your IOs and make sure your campaigns are delivering on time and in full. We have experienced traffickers that have been in Ad Operations for many years. We can handle Ad Servers such as DFP, OpenX, Atlas, Mediaplex etc. We will make sure that your ads are tested and in accordance with IAB standards. 





Ad Operations Ad Networks

Ad Network Optimization


The idea that all you need to do is maximize the number of Ad Networks and the revenue will start to increase is a common misnomer among web publishers. Our optimization practices ensure that our clients are maximizing profits.


We have developed an Ad Network set up for a large organization with just 5 Ad Networks and have increased revenue by 35%.


We would go through your current set up and do a thorough analysis and then advise changes, which would lead you to better monetization of your traffic. We will be with you all the time monitoring the daily operations to ensure that the only spike in revenue is positive.  



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Ad Operations Services

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